Backflow Testing

Macatawa Plumbing is "ASSE Certified" in Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Accidental contamination of public water is a major concern and has been for years.   In short, any connection of piping (residential or commercial) which allows clean water (potable) to be connected to a non-potable system will require testing.   

Recent changes in the State of Michigan Safe Drinking Water Rules Part 399, the MI DEQ is now requiring that all backflow devices must be tested.   This will effect all residential homes with underground sprinkling

Macatawa Plumbing has been approved by the State of Michigan to perform backflow testing. 

Please give us a call today with any questions at (616) 772-0388.

Backflow is simply the reverse flow of water back into your clean drinking water.   Backflow preventors are installed to stop the backflow but based on recent water quality issues in cities across Michigan, the DEQ is now requiring all preventors to be tested on a regular basis.

Most home owners with underground sprinkling will have some type of backflow preventor installed and may require testing.  The best advice is to call us or your local city government office.   In most cases, Michigan communities are mailing out notices to homeowners with known backflow preventors installed.

macatawa plumbing backflow testing

Backflow Testing

Macatawa Plumbing is certified to test backflow prevention devices by the State of Michigan.  Please call us at (616) 772-0388.

macatawa plumbing backflow preventor testing

Backflow Repairs

If there is any sort of visible leak on the backflow prevention assembly or discharge, you should contact us immediately.

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Backflow Installation

Macatawa Plumbing is certified to install backflow prevention solutions or upgrades as required.  

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