Home Winterization Process

Macatawa Plumbing can assist with winterizing your home plumbing for your winter retreat to Florida or closing down your Lake Cottage.  

Steps we’ll take in Winterizing Your Plumbing

1) Shut off the water at the main valve, and turn off the water heater and/or water pump (if you have one).  This will help protect the internal heating elements when there’s no water in the tank.

2) Open up all of your drain values and taps to ensure any water vacuums are released.   

3) Using an air compressor, we’ll blow out any excess water in the lines.

4) Open up the discharge on your hot water tank and let it empty.

5) If you have a well, we’ll drain the water left in the holding tank.

6) Flush the toilets to remove water and add antifreeze to the tank & bowl to ensure any remaining water doesn’t freeze if you loose all heat for an extended period.

7) Add a touch of antifreeze to each drain trap to prevent any chance of freezing.

Frozen pipes are the most common issue that comes up during the winter months.  If you notice a dramatic difference in water flow, it could be a sign of a frozen pipe.  This is one of the reasons cottage owners decide to winterize their plumbing during the off-season.

This can depend upon the size of your house and the number of appliances / fixtures.   If it’s a vacation home or lake cottage in Michigan, there’s a good chance it’s been setup to make winterizing a bit easier.  With that said, a good range is $200-350 for most homes with a single kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, and a single water heater.

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Home Winterization

Macatawa Plumbing winterizes cottages, lake homes, and seasonal residences. As the temperature drops, it’s best to eliminate the risk. Please allow us to help.

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Emergency Services

Pipes bursting in the winter can and do happen in Michigan.  Our team is available after hours for emergencies of this kind.   Please call us immediately at (616) 772-0388.

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Frozen Pipes

Lack of running water or just a trickle in the middle of winter could be an early sign of freezing pipes.  Let us assist as pipes can burst and cause significant damage.

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