Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

A radiant heating system is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home or business.   Radiant Heat is sometimes referrred to as “invisible heat” because you don’t see registers or radiators but you feel warm & toasty.   The heat is evenly distributed across the room as it permeates through the flooring and/or walls.  Radiant Heat is also considered cleaner as it doesn’t force air with possible dust & allergans throughout your home.     

Here are some common applications:

radiant heat topping slab

Topping Slab or Double Pour

Used in retrofit applications allowing you to pour another concrete topping over an existing slab

Radiant Heat in Concrete

In Concrete, Prior to Slab

Used in residential & commercial, is the simplest to install and most affordable option

radiant heat sandwich method

Sandwich Method

Used in retrofit applications over a wood subfloor. Also used in new construction

radiant heat suspended floor

Suspend Floor Underlayment

Used in new construction or retrofit applications over suspended wood subflooring

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