Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair

Macatawa Plumbing has the knowledge and experience to assist you with installations, repairs, replacements, and rough-in plumbing for your new or remodeled bathroom.

Toilet installation is fairly straight forward but not a task the typical homeowner will do.   Macatawa Plumbing can assist with all types of installations, including remodels where maybe the locations of your bathroom fixtures are changing.   

Pressure assist toilets offer a stronger flush, but they also cost more than your typical gravity-based toilets.   Most homes will do just fine with the traditional gravity-based model but there are times where other options make sense.

Our advice is do your homework or call us with questions at (616) 772-0388.

Plumbers call this the “phantom flusher” and it’s more common than you think.  In short, the tank is leaking slowly and the flapper likely needs to be replaced.

The flapper most likely needs to be replaced.  If you open the tank lid and flush the toilet, the flapper should stay up until about 75-80% of the water has drained from the tank.

Would not suggest ignoring this one as it’s likely beginning to damage your sub-floor.   In most cases, the wax ring seal has been broken or shifted and will need to be replaced.  This fix requires completely removing the toilet.  

As with everything, that depends.   Believe it or not, there are models out there which cost $5,000 or more.   In most instances though, a new toilet with installation will be in the range of $400-600 with a licensed plumber and a high quality toilet.   

If you don’t have an existing bathroom in your basement today, chances are you’ll need one installed.  The main thing to consider is where is your main sewer drain?   If it’s at the main level of the house, you’ll need one of these pumps to assist getting the waste to the city sewer or your own septic system.

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Toilet Installations

Toilet installations are a bit more complex than the average homeowner wants to do.   Macatawa Plumbing is here to assist with the installation, replacement, or full movement of the location for your remodel.

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Toilet Repairs

Toilet repair is one of the most common calls we get in our industry.  If your toilet is running constantly, leaking around the floor, or doesn’t flush properly, chances are it’s a quick fix and we are ready to help.

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Sewage Ejector Pumps

Sewage Ejector Pumps are common in West Michigan basements.   Many times, the basement is below your city or septic tank sewer drain line and these pumps assist.

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